Stackable Bottle Crates for 20 x Milk or Beer Bottles/Cartons – Fuzzy Brands

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Fuzzy Brands Bottle Crate (Fits 20 Milk Bottle Sized Bottles)

Black Milk/Beer bottle crate Holds 20
Black 20 Beer/Milk bottle crate birds eye view overhead
Black Beer/Milk bottle crate upside down, Holds 20
Blue Beer/Milk  Bottle Crate Above view Stores 20
Blue Beer Milk Bottle Crate Holds 20
Blue Beer Milk Bottle Crate overhead view
Fuzzy Brands Bottle Crate (Fits 20 Milk Bottle Sized Bottles)

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If you’re a pub, restaurant, bar owner or work in the dairy business, safely and securely store and transport your bottles and cartons with our bottle crates. They’re also a great solution if you’ve added a bar to your home or garden – perfect to stack to create a feature wall while neatly storing your drinks in one place.

These bottle crates are designed to hold 20 milk or beer bottles under 23cm high. They're a great solution to safely store and carry your bottles thanks to the stackable design and the ergonomic handles.

Stacking the crates will securely lock them into place, avoiding any breakages.

With dividers securely interlocked creating space for storing or carrying up to 20 bottles, without risk of the bottles knocking into each other, preventing damage. This is ideal for deliveries.

Whether used for storing or transporting, the bottle crates can be used again and again, reducing waste and saving money, making them a cost-effective solution.

Fuzzy Brands bottle crates will last for years to come as they’ve been manufactured to withstand the heavy use expected from pubs, bars, restaurants or dairy businesses.

Choose from 3 colours, black, blue or green, to colour code your bottles or deliveries, or to match your décor.

Ideal usages:

  • Glass collecting in pubs, bars or restaurants
  • Doorstep deliveries for pubs, bars or restaurants
  • Deliveries and storage for dairy businesses and milkmen


  • External Dimensions: 445 x 355 x 240mm
  • Internal Dimensions: 440 x 272 x 228mm
  • Material: Food grade polyethylene
  • Load Capacity: 20 bottles – max. diameter 82mm

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* Sale is for 1 x single bottle crate for clarification.



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