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Fuzzy Brands FlexiBorder Garden Edging System

Terracotta Garden Edging installed along a curved flower bed edge and neat lawn
FlexiBorder Garden Edging in Black
Brown Garden Edging between a flower bed and lawn
Flexiborder Garden Edging Range of Colours displayed on a neat lawn; Black, Grey, Brown and Terracotta
Grass being mowed up to the edge with flexiborder garden edging installed along flowerbed
Fitting Connectors into slots of a grey flexiborder piece
Hammering down Flexiborder Pegs for installation
Hammering Down Grey Flexiborder Pegs for easy installation
Lawn being mowed with black flexiborder garden edging allowing easy trimming of the grasses edge
Sawing a Black Flexiborder piece to size, wearing blue plastic gloves
Tree with a ring of black garden edging surrounding, in a large garden
Fuzzy Brands FlexiBorder Garden Edging System
Fuzzy Brands FlexiBorder Garden Edging System

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It doesn’t have to be backbreaking work to keep your garden in top shape.

With FlexiBorder®, you can create a crisp, clean and stylish landscape in minutes. Simply place the border where you want it, connect the pieces and secure them in place with the supplied pegs.

This garden edging system can effortlessly curve to the shape of your garden (up to 70 degrees!), making it ideal for flower beds, around trees and along paths.

FlexiBorder® is Lawn mower proof - eliminating the need for any strenuous trimming and making your garden easier to maintain.

It’s also a great option for the eco-conscious gardener, being made from 100% recycled rubber.

Order today to get your garden looking neat as a pin!



  • Quick and Easy to Install, in 3 simple steps
  • Lawn Mower Friendly - no tedious trimming needed
  • Flexible - Curving up to 70 degrees
  • Child Friendly - soft rounded edges make it perfect for children’s play areas
  • Durable and Completely Weatherproof
  • Eco-friendly - made 100% from recycled rubber
  • No Drilling or Digging Necessary



    Length 1m (3ft 3in) x Height 8cm (3¼in) x Width 7.5cm (2¾in).

    2 pack = 2 x 1m pieces (see product spec for sizing) 
    6 pack = 6 x 1m pieces (see product spec for sizing)

    Orders for each FlexiBorder® are complete with 2 connector dowels and 5 fixing pins.


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