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Bottle crates for Christmas

Bottle crates for Christmas

There’s no denying that Christmas is going to be different this year. In order to see our loved ones, there will be new ways to gather friends and family during the festive period. More of us will have to gather outside and we’ll want to enjoy drinks at home due to difficulties going out. To help get prepared, it’s ideal to have a crate to store or carry your drinks! Fuzzy Brands offer a selection of bottle crates that can be used for any type of drink whether it’s alcohol, mixers and soft drinks or milk cartons! We’ve got you covered when it comes to getting organised.

Perfect for parties

Blue Fuzzy Brands bottle crate

Having bottle crates are ideal over the Christmas period as they can help with social distancing and keeping your close family and friends safe. Bottles can be transported outside easily using the crates which makes hosting safe parties much easier for everyone involved. They will last for years to come too, thanks to them being made from robust materials. This way you can have parties in the garden all year round, including this Christmas, easily carrying your drinks outside as the crates are lightweight, sturdy and ergonomic eliminating the worry of dropping or spilling drinks as they will not topple over.

Create a bar feature

Fuzzy Brands stacked bottle crates

We all want this Christmas to be a fun one, so we’re here to help you make your life easier when it comes to hosting safe parties. Fuzzy Brand’s bottle crates can be stacked, which you could do outside to create more of a bar feature. This way they can be kept it a safe space, which prevents the risk of breakage as well as creating a stylish feature wall of your drinks selection to impress your guests. Stacking them inside is also an option, as they won’t take up as much space as it would to store your bottles and cans individually.

Design options

We offer our bottles crates in red, blue black and green so wherever you store them they can match the interior or exterior of your home if you’re using them as more of a feature than for storage – whatever suits you best!  

Along with our range of different colours comes a selection of sizes, including external dimensions of 370 x 290 x 320mm that can carry up to 12 bottles to store your drinks neatly and securely. We also offer x20 crates for if you’re after a larger amount of drinks to be stored or displayed.

Ordering from Fuzzy Brands

If you’re interested in bulk buying our bottle crates, contact us today or you can shop now online!

Fuzzy Brands can sort you out for the festive period, keeping you safe whilst having fun. Our bottle crates are the perfect solution for carrying around bottles without them breaking or falling over. That way you can relax a bit more this Christmas and concentrate safely spending much-needed quality time with your friends and family.