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IT/Lab/Craft Tables
These tables, sometimes known as H frame or I frame tables, are 1200x600 and have 18mm thick tops made from MDF with a wood grain or plain finish. They are ideally suited for school IT units. art classes and labs. The tables are available...
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Mouth and Lips Hydrator (pack of 20)
The Mouth and Lips Hydrator (MC6) is a way of moisturising a patient’s lip/mouth or tongue in safe and controlled condition. With a slow flow of water from two drip holes, a gentle compression against the lips is enough to provide a...
Tongue Depressor (pack of 25)
The Tongue Depressor (MC5) is a safe replacement for the wooden tongue depressor, the long handle and wide profile allows a good contact surface for depression on the patient’s tongue. Patient groups who will benefit from the MC-5 are those in intensive...
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