What to put on your office notice board


Fuzzy Brands sell loads of stuff that just makes life easier for people in their homes, offices or clubs. Our notice boards are great for all three. Here’s our blog on what to put on our office notice boards. I’m sure you’ll agree that you need one – or even two – straight away!


Legal stuff

Legally you need to display a few posters including Health and Safety, Employers Liability Insurance and the plan of the building with Fire Exits. Putting that all together on one board makes it really easy for the office team to see them.


Constant COVID rules

The ever-changing rules and regulations regarding COVID means updating the information quickly. Putting everything on display outlining the latest info is really useful as a reminder.


Team stuff

Charity begins at home, or if you’re working in an office on a notice board. Whether it’s running a marathon or the Macmillan Coffee Morning, get your posters displayed and sponsors can sign up! Notice boards are also a great place to plan tea rounds, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen area or putting out the bins – it’s a great way to make sure that everyone shares the glamorous tasks.


Planning for birthdays

If people are at work on their birthday, you want to make the day fun for them. In our office, they’re the ones that buy the cakes, so we need to know who’s buying them!


Holiday planner

Knowing when people are away makes it easier to plan. Having a holiday planner displayed on one of our notice boards makes it easier to see when’s best to plan time away from the office.


Thank you cards from happy customers

Good feedback is a great way to keep employees motivated. Often people working in the office don’t get to see the thank yous. Adding them to your notice board is a great way to spread the love. With our notice boards, there’s room for absolutely everything.


What would you put on your notice board?

Now I bet you’ve realised you definitely need one – or even two – of our notice boards in your office to display all that useful stuff on. We’ve given you our ideas, but what else would you put on yours? All you have to do is choose the sizes you need!


Sizes of boards

  • Fuzzy Brands Small Rectangular Notice Board – 600mm x 800mm or 600mm x 900mm
  • Fuzzy Brands Large Rectangular Notice Board - 600mm x 1000mm or 800mm x 1000mm
  • Fuzzy Brands Square Notice Board - 800mm x 800mm or 900mm x 900mm


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