• Beer Crates in Schools?

    Beer Crates in Schools?
    We recently had quite an unlikely customer place an order for our Beer/Milk Bottle Crates - Southcote Primary School! When we began marketing our range of bottle crates, we had a few ideas of who our customers might be. Bars sure, Pubs of course, even the occasional retailer is expected while the holidays creep up on us all, but no one on at Fuzzy...
  • 5 uses for bread trays we didn't expect!

    5 uses for bread trays we didn't expect!
      It's no secret that our customers use bread trays for a whole bunch of different things. Just look at our recent Doggy Photoshoot for evidence. But what are some of the lesser known uses people are using them for? we decided to find out!    1. Retail Distribution Not really lesser known, but easy to forget when you see them every day. 2....
  • In Defense of Plastics Everywhere

    In Defense of Plastics Everywhere
    Plastics tend to get quite the wollaping from the media nowadays. So much that there are people who have resolved not to use plastic at all in their day-to-day lives.  I’m not saying that’s a bad idea or that all plastics are totally good for the environment, but I do think Plastic is misunderstood. At Fuzzy Brands we firmly believe that not all plastic...
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