Summer is the Perfect Time to Replace School Table Tops


Hygiene in schools is more important than ever before as pupils return to the classroom after lockdown and the summer holidays. Many table tops will be chipped, may have chewing gum stuck to them or could be marked by pens – but the legs are still perfectly serviceable.

By just replacing your classroom table tops this summer you can revitalise your classrooms and be ready for the new school year.

Made to order, our table tops can be manufactured with a hard-wearing Cast PU or Sprayed PU edge. These replacement school table tops are easy to fit onto the existing legs.

The cost of replacing classroom table tops is around half the cost of replacing complete tables, and they are easy to fit. One customer recently told us that he fitted more than 100 new tops in less than an hour. Furthermore, order turnaround times are reduced as you don’t need to wait for table legs.

For further information please contact Fuzzy Brands today.

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