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Replacement Classroom Table Tops: How To Save Your Legs, Your Money and The Environment

Replacement Classroom Table Tops

10 reasons why every school should consider purchasing replacement table tops

With school budgets being constantly squeezed, replacement table tops are the ideal solution to revamp school classrooms. Here at Fuzzy Brands we’ve identified 10 reasons why every school should consider purchasing replacement table tops

  1. Save money: provides classrooms with a new lease of life for less than half the cost of buying new tables
  2. Save time: a whole classroom of tables can be rejuvenated in less than one hour
  3. Save resources: all you need is a screwdriver. We also offer a fitting service if school resources are unavailable
  4. Education: involving teachers and children in recycling schemes to improve the environment can be a lot of fun. Educating children about the importance of recycling and the environment provides a path to a greener future.
  5. Support school recycling initiatives: there are around 34,000 schools in the UK and they all play a vital role in dealing with waste. Recycling schemes in schools help to improve the environment and can reduce money spent by schools on waste disposal. Recycling can also contribute to achieving school-focussed government initiatives.
  6. Reduce order turnaround: replacement table tops can be delivered within two weeks. Whereas complete tables can take 4-6 weeks to manufacture and deliver
  7. Scheduling: because replacement table tops can be ordered, delivered and assembled with a quick turnaround it makes it easier for schools to plan their internal works programme
  8. Convenience: we offer a removal and disposal service for old table tops
  9. Reduce transport costs: we provide free delivery for all order over £250
  10. Location: we delivery to any UK mainland address with a ground floor access point

Recently Fuzzy Brands completed a replacement table top programme for a local school in Derby. Made to order, the table tops were manufactured with our PU-edged finish and easily fitted onto the existing frames by the school’s support staff. By just replacing the table tops, Fuzzy Brands revitalised the school’s classrooms.

We’ll leave you with some final thoughts from their Headteacher, Ian Johnson:

"Our working relationship with Fuzzy Brands has been positive for a number of reasons. Not only does this endeavour help the environment and reduce waste, it promotes a culture of re-use and recycle which has been discussed in the classroom and delivered a clear message to the school community. The finished products are stunning and we would wholeheartedly recommend them to neighbouring schools."

Fuzzy Brands are the only business in the UK manufacturing PU-edged replacement table tops. They are available in three versions, ready to fit directly onto your existing table frames:

  • Compcast – a PU-edged moulded hard-wearing plastic
  • Compcoat – a spray PU-edge which is a popular modern alternative to cast-PU
  • Compseal – a semi-opaque PU finish

Call Fuzzy Brands today on 01332 419667 to discuss your requirements.