Laura Smith becomes Laura Green!

Laura, office manager and PA to Fuzzy Brands’ head honcho, recently tied the knot and is now Laura Green! Laura deals with updating customers, liaising with suppliers, most of the businesses admin and ensures all our orders are fulfilled.


The wedding went off without a hitch, and was at Saint Michael’s and Saint Mary’s Church (thats the name, they didn’t get married twice!) in Melbourne. Prior to making her vows, Laura shared a few bottles of champagne with her bridesmaids and hairdresser.


They went to Malta for a short honeymoon (a few nights) before returning to commence married life. “We didn't want to be away from the little one too long”, Laura said, referring to their 2 year old son Hayden.


It was a strange week at Fuzzy HQ without her and we’re glad to have her back. She’s since shared a bunch of photos with us and was even willing to share a few with you guys!


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