In Defense of Plastics Everywhere

Plastics tend to get quite the wollaping from the media nowadays. So much that there are people who have resolved not to use plastic at all in their day-to-day lives. 

I’m not saying that’s a bad idea or that all plastics are totally good for the environment, but I do think Plastic is misunderstood.

At Fuzzy Brands we firmly believe that not all plastic products are created equal and that the blame shouldn’t be equally put to all plastics.


You see, the real trouble-makers are single use plastics!

It’s true! Plastic products made to last and that serve a purpose aren’t nearly the devil that some might have you believe. Especially when compared to carrier bags or drinking straws.

Just think of all the take-away boxes you’ve thrown out at the end of a friday night. The carrier bags you used to bin before the 5p charge was introduced. The vibrant bendy straws you demanded as a Kid. All of which were not built to last, nor did they specifically need to be made of plastic for any particular reason.


Poor plastic gets a lot of heat for these offenses - despite the many uses we have for plastic that are specific to the material and not single use!

Storage boxes, protective casing, automotive parts, furniture foam cushions, computer parts, wire casings - these are examples of just a few different plastics in your day to day life, many of which you couldn’t escape in western society if you tried!

There are many ways in which we benefit from plastic in our lives and perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to shun the helpless polymer.

Maybe, we could all cut plastic some slack and give it the well deserved props it's been missing out on in recent years. 

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