5 uses for bread trays we didn't expect!


It's no secret that our customers use bread trays for a whole bunch of different things. Just look at our recent Doggy Photoshoot for evidence.

But what are some of the lesser known uses people are using them for?

we decided to find out! 


1. Retail Distribution

Not really lesser known, but easy to forget when you see them every day.

Bakery Retail

2. Printing Industries

We couldn't find any photos of this, so we're assuming they must be used for storing ink cartridges and the like. 


3. Home Storage

Just take a look at this! 

Related image


4. Abattoirs 

Bit of a gorey one, so we won't bother with any pictures.

The Holes often found in bread trays probably makes them especially useful for this industry.


5. Textile Manufacturers

Probably for keeping different types of fabrics separate. Like with the Home Storage photo above, we reckon they're use as some sort of drawer system.


There are plenty more different uses for the humble bread tray, let us know if you've got a particularly unusual use for them!

Or better yet - send us a pic



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